What a T-shirt Can Do For You

What a T-shirt Can Do For You

Katherine McRaeFeb 10, '20

Chances are, the T-shirt is one of the most well worn items in your wardrobe.  Wear it at home, to work, out on the town, at the beach, to the gym. Wear it alone or wear under a suit or sweater. Lend it to a girlfriend, steal one from your boyfriend. 

THE FABRIC - there are a number of choices of fabric when it comes to T-shirts. 

Most often you'll find cotton or a cotton blend (jersey).  This gives a soft feel at an affordable price. Also the stretch factor is better with a blended fabric. Cotton may wrinkle and also can shrink on first washing. 

Bamboo and Tencel fabric use fibers made from tree or wood pulp. They drape more easily, wrinkle less and are great options for breathability and dry quickly.

Polyesters/Lycra/Spandex are good choices for athletics. They offer lots of stretch, dry quickly and breathe but can be less comfortable than cotton. Polyester blends tend to sublimate colourful graphics better.

THE FIT - know your body. The right T-shirt should emphasize your best assets and downplay what you don't care to show off.  That said, a good T-shirt should fit as follows: 
  • conform to your body shape
  • not cause discomfort or restrict freedom of movement

Why should you care that much about the fit? Clothes that fit correctly compliment your body and attractiveness better than clothes that don't. It's that simple.

FUNCTION - do you want an undershirt, a smart stand alone to go with an outfit or a workout shirt?  A thinner/lightweight fabric is best for under a shirt.  It can keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  Plus it will help to protect your nice outer shirt from sweat stains.  Most performance fabrics are best left for working out.  They have a specific look for a specific purpose and certainly won't help your best dress jacket look stylish. Personal expression and stylish looks can easily be achieved with a good graphic tee or a quality T-shirt in a colour that suits you best.

Knowing what you want and need from your T-shirt is crucial.  Choose the right fabric for the right function and learn what fits your body best.  Now if we could just settle the debate on whether a crew neck or V neck is more attractive.   


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