Summer is for Seersucker

Summer is for Seersucker

Katherine McRaeApr 15, '22

What is SEERSUCKER and why do you need it this Summer?

Seersucker fabric has been around for centuries. Its name comes from the Persian phrase shir-o-shakhar, meaning “milk and sugar” for the alternating textures. The textile is most often made of cotton and woven on a loom with threads at different tensions - thus giving it a puckered texture.  This puckering allows for better air movement between your skin and the fabric, helping to keep you cool in warm weather.  This also makes a more durable, long lasting material.

Often viewed as "vintage" or "preppy" this style has more recently become better known as as an easy-to-care for alternative to linen and best worn in the summer months. Seersucker comes back year after year in the form of  suits, shorts, shirts, swimsuits and robes. Casual, yet sophisticated, it is the ideal fabric for packing up to take to the cottage or on vacation.  In fact, one of the best things about this cooling, puckered fabric: it doesn't need to be ironed. 

Easy, breezy summer fashion. Give seersucker robes or lounge pants a try this year! 

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