A Good Lather is Half the Shave......

A Good Lather is Half the Shave......

Katherine McRaeMay 13, '20

Henri et Victoria has always been at the top of our list of favourites.  A Canadian company from Gatineau, QC they have really developed a large, far reaching following. Very well respected by traditional shaving enthusiasts, just hashtag "sotd" (shave of the day) and you're sure to see them mentioned more than once!

Claude Pilon, founder and creator, originally set out to solve a genuine issue - at a time when artisanal, small batch production of unique shave products was a very new concept. His goal was to produce high performing shave products that smelled great.  The range of scents offered by Claude and his team is remarkable and ever so classy. Each one is distinct and has the ability to evoke a memory from the past or create a mood that will definitely inspire.

Here is a little expertise from the makers:

The Benefits of Using Shaving Soap

Less Irritation – Using shaving soap will provide you with a superior glide when shaving. It helps to reduce irritation and can even prevent ingrowing hairs on the face.  

Long Lasting – If you want to prolong your shaving efforts, then harnessing the power of shaving soap can deliver longer-lasting results.

Great Value – Typically, shaving soap lasts longer than traditional foams and creams. Another essential point for those who travel, you can pack this into your carry-on without any issues.

Easy to Use – It is ridiculously easy to use shaving soap, and once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it this way before.

Takes Care of Skin – Using shaving soap delivers a boost of hydration to the face which is great for your skin health, as well as softening the hair on the face ahead of shaving by removing oils and residue, allowing the water to penetrate the facial hairs.

Maybe this is the time to develop some new routines that shift the focus to oneself.  The ritual of self-care can go a long way in helping one deal with daily challenges. And remember - good things happen to those who groom. 


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