PULLIN - Creation Francaise

PULLIN - Creation Francaise

Katherine McRaeMay 7, '18

We started out as a men's underwear store.  Well, that and socks....and swimwear...AND we added men's grooming products - beard and shave.  You see, there is a lot of great stuff out there for guys!

The very first item I sold on the very first day we opened was a pair of Pullin underwear.  The pattern was a vintage shot of ladies water skiing:

I loved those ones.  I  felt it really embodied my mood on opening my own store.  I felt it represented the fun atmosphere I hoped to foster there.  I was thrilled it was my first sale.

Turns out Pullin has a lot more to offer than just great underwear!  We love their t-shirts.  And they offer some of the finest swimwear out there.  But it is their DENING that has convinced us to make PULLIN our dedicated clothing line. With all of their products being made entirely within the European Union - created in France - we know the quality will be there with every single piece.

Our Spring shipment has just arrived and you will find a good assortment of items and sizes.  Whether you visit the on-line store or visit us in person, you can find out much more about each Pullin item and what makes this brand so special.

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