Katherine McRaeApr 6, '18

Have you heard of BN3TH?  You know what?  Yes, you have - since it is simply MYPAKAGE rebranded!  Although I say simply, there is nothing simple about this Canadian product.  It has the technology, fit, form, function and fabrics to make it our best seller.  Loved by many.  Life changer. 

Take a look at all the new BN3TH we currently have to offer.  Our on-line store is always being updated with tons of new patterns.  Pricing has changed only a wee bit, making it simpler to make choices. The Classic Boxer Brief, whether it be a solid colour or has a pattern, is now $35.  The Entourage (formerly Action) remains at $40.

Read below a statement from the BN3TH web site, explaining why they made the switch:


                                    MYPAKAGE IS NOW BN3TH
                                AN EVOLUTION OF MYPAKAGE
                                              JUST BETTER.

"The story of MyPakage started out as a business philosophy, a brand that would change the game. Driven by lifestyle, our brand changed the way men think and talk about underwear. We looked into the future of our company and thought, what brand name could better define the culture of our company & it's customers while remaining authentic to who we are as individuals? A name that allowed us to tell stories of everyday people being great every day. A name that would help us grow without limits as we expand our product lines and distribution across the world? We still make the world's best and most comfortable men's underwear, but now we've evolved into so much more...

                               We're so proud to introduce BN3TH!

Our goal remains the same: to be a brand that is more than just a name, but a lifestyle and a brand driven by purpose. We continue to unlock the confidence to invite adventure into our everyday lives. We strive to make the most innovative, comfortable and best quality engineered apparel on the planet - providing uncompromising support for those progressive individuals who fill their lives with the activities and passions they love. After all, isn’t that what life is all about? Whether it's BN3TH your joggers, with our first-to-skin products or BN3TH the surface of who you really are, this is a guiding principle that will push us even further. At BN3TH, we make engineered apparel for all to feel confident in."


So you see, it really is the same product!


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