FlashLift Boxer w/Show-It

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Andrew Christian

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NEW TO UNDR for Men!! The popular pouch and booty enhancing FlashLift Boxer w/ Show-It !

Andrew Christian's FlashLIFT is their latest innovation in Butt Lifting and Contouring Technology for those seeking the perfect bubble-butt. It features a back lifting support built into the seams of the underwear. The construction of the underwear automatically lifts the buttocks making it look firm and round without the need for any padding hidden inside. Most people can add up to 1/2 to 1 inches (1.3 - 2.5 cm) onto their current buttocks measurements helping them achieve a rounder fuller look with this amazing new feature. The fit is super comfortable, just like wearing a jockstrap. And if that weren't enough, each pair features Show-It Technology - a hidden "comfy cup" that gently lifts and provides excellent frontal support and enhancement. The Show-It Technology is a 'horseshoe-shaped' inner pouch that is lined by soft elastic and adds up to 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) to a man's frontal measurement and provides the biggest natural enhancement of any underwear in our line!

Fabric Content: 95% Cotton 5% Spandex