Sock, Wool Santa CHUP
Sock, Wool Santa CHUP

Sock, Wool Santa CHUP

Glen Clyde

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Born in 2009, CHUP socks are inspired by the patterns of various indigenous tribes from around the globe.

SANTA: No Christmas would be complete without these socks. It’s almost as if grandma sat in front of the fireplace knitting these socks just for that special day.

    Each sock is woven to the highest quality through a stocking frame machine, whilst paying utmost care and attention to details on colour and design. The machines used are a traditional low gauge stocking frame machine. On average, a single machine only produces 20-25 pairs a day. Each pair is hand-linked at the toes for a seamless finish. A master craftsman carefully inspect all finished products, to guarantee socks manufactured to an impeccable quality.

    These socks use washable Merino wool yarn. Washable wool shrinks less when washed than normal wool. Merino wool is known for its softness and shine, as well as its hypoallergenic properties. Of course, wool is well known for its breathability, making it a superb choice for winter and actually any time that you want your feet not to get too moist.

    Materials: Wool, nylon, polyurethane.

    Made in Japan.

    SIZE GUIDE: Medium fits Men's 7.5 - 10.5  Women's 9 - 12     Large fits Men's 10.5 - 13