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Regular masks keep your beard hair exposed, leaving your beard unprotected and messy. These masks also cause divots and waves in your beard (the equivalent of hat hair).

The Beard Tarp™ is designed to provide unrestricted beard protection while keeping it looking sharp.

  • Full beard coverage with no bunching
  • Unique 3D design allows for easier breathing and better speech projection
  • Removable aluminum nose bridge for custom fit and fog-free glasses
  • 100% soft cotton for ultimate comfort
  • 3 layers of protection + additional filter layer (with included Hydroknit filter)
  • Hangs around the neck for easy and fast pull-up and pull-down during the day
  • Proudly designed and made in Canada

Sizing Guide:

Measure from where the nose bridge on the Beard Tarpwould sit, down to the bottom of your beard.

Regular: Within 6.5" 

Large: Within 9"

Made in Canada