Beard Brush, Natural Boar Bristle


Rockwell Razors

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This beard brush is the ultimate example of what makes Rockwell Razors products a tour-de-force of the luxury shaving industry, as this rustic Natural Boar Bristle beard brush possesses the practicality, performance, and aesthetic that makes it among our best selling brands.
  • Natural boar bristles and a premium bamboo handle look & feel fantastic.
  • Distributes beard oils, balms and conditioners evenly through your facial hair while removing dirt, keeping your facial hair and skin healthy.
  • A perfect birthday present or gift for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Grads, Father’s Day and more.
  • Anti-static natural boar bristles guarantee a tangle-free beard.

Brushing helps exfoliate beards, meaning that proper dispensation of products used at their most efficient capacity.