Aftershave Balm, Artisan


Henri et Victoria

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A daily essential, this soothing aftershave balm delivers a powerful boost of hydration to the skin, post-shave. Locking in essential moisture, leaving you with a cool and calming sensation that is the ultimate refreshment for your face.

Scents include

  • Bay Rum: Relax with a scent of a Caribbean vacation - the Bay Rum scent is a light aroma of exotic Caribbean spices, Jamaican rum and West Indies bay leaf. 
  • Coeur de Vetiver: A fresh fragrance with predominant bergamot notes, a touch of lavender and a sprig of pepper, which is brought back to earth with floral notes of neroli and cedar, all on a captivating background of vetiver with a hint of vanilla. 
  • Cognac and Cuban Cigars:  Definitive masculine smell of cedarwood, fresh leather, zesty lemon, cognac and spicy tobacco.
  • Costa: A wave of instant freshness that combines notes of a wild garden with woodsy and musky aromas of the old world.  It is a fragrance full of paradoxes dedicated to everyone who appreciates beautyTop Notes : Basil, Clove, Lemon. Middle Notes : Anise, Pine, Geranium. Bottom Notes : Cedarwood, Musk, Sandalwood.
  • Deuce: Inspired by the need for distinguished athletes to stay cool and alert, even when the game is intense. Citrus Lime, Middles Notes of Lavender, Aquatic Floral.
  • Duc de Santal: A warm, comforting, gentle cologne scent; with a musky, dry woody complex and soothing sandalwood.

  • Fougère (Fern):  Herbal, green earthy scent, with rose and geranium. Classic. 
  • Kraken:  Citrus, fruit, and bergamot top notes with rose, lavender and jasmine through middle and bottom.
  • Navigateur:  Top notes of lemon, ocean and green with florals and musk throughout.
  • La Poire Française (French Pear): Sophisticated ripened pear, sweet and mellow.  With a hint of flower and a touch of mysterious sweet and smokey guaiacwood.
  • Unscented  

    Made in Canada