Our COVID-19 Updates

Wednesday - Saturday  12:30pm- 4:30pm


WOW! It is finally time to open up for business at long last!

We have made the decision to start with reduced hours at our Kingston, Princess Street location. 

We have missed you all, and are eager to re-open the doors of our store to the public! Our staff has worked diligently to prepare the store in a way that complies with city, provincial, and federal recommendations.

The health and safety of our customers and staff are our highest priority! We have a plexiglass barrier at the cash desk and a hand sanitizing station all ready for you.  

We feel our shopping environment to be low risk, and the added safety steps we are taking will, we hope, make you feel safe and comfortable while you shop.
If you are still cautious about shopping in public, are at high risk, or just don't want to change out of your PJ's, our online shop is always open! We continue to provide free shipping in Kingston, and free soap in every order until at least the end of May!

As well, should you wish to be the only customer in the store, it is possible to arrange an appointment outside of our current opening hours.  Please feel free to phone or e-mail the staff to arrange a suitable time.

(613) 766-9171                     undrformen@outlook.com


We remain extremely grateful for the supprt we have received from customers during the past weeks.  We look forward to seeing you and feel hopeful for the changes that are coming our way.