About us

UNDR for Men is a unique ONE STOP shop for men. We specialize in men’s underwear and socks, loungewear, swimwear, robes and sleepwear. We also offer men’s skin care, beard care and products needed for a good shave! Our brands come from as far away as Japan and as close to home as, well Kingston, Ontario! Situated in a gorgeous heritage building in the heart of downtown Kingston, our space is masculine and inviting and we strive to foster an accepting atmosphere towards a diverse clientele.

Come and meet our knowledgeable staff. With backgrounds in healthcare and customer service and a keen interest in men’s style, Katherine McRae and her team will help you find what you need OR the perfect gift for the man (or men) in your life.

Please visit our blog and social media sites regularly for special events, promotions and fun information.



  • 6IXMAN – beard, hair and skin care
  • Abaka – underwear
  • Always Bearded – beard
  • Andrew Christian - underwear, apparel
  • Astra - razor blades
  • Bacchus and Barley – leather goods
  • Bia Boro – underwear, apparel
  • Bjorn Borg – underwear, loungewear
  • Bluebeards Original - beard
  • BN3TH - underwear, apparel
  • CHUP sock by Glen-Clyde – woven socks
  • Dapper Dan – hair
  • The Distinguished Life - beard and shave, skin care
  • Epic Blend - soap and skincare
  • The Friday Sock Company - mismatched socks
  • Good Luck Sock – socks
  • The Great Canadian Beard Co. - beard balm and oil
  • Headblade - shave, grooming
  • Henri et Victoria – shave, skin care
  • Instance – underwear, socks
  • Kent - combs and brushes
  • Majestic – sleepwear, robes, lounge wear
  • Men's Seasons - premium skincare
  • Merkur – shave, razors
  • Mundo Unico – underwear, swimwear
  • Nuvango – underwear, tops
  • Paragon Shaving – shave
  • Pull-In – underwear, apparel
  • Rapira - razor blades
  • Rebels Refinery – skin care
  • Skull & Bones NYC - underwear
  • TeamM8 - swimwear
  • Tommy John – underwear, socks, tops
  • United Odd Sock – socks
  • Unwrapped Life- shampoo bars
  • Wood – underwear, apparel