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Epic Blend

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114g / 4oz

Epic Blend is a body-care brand built for the wild, free, and fun.

Bar soap available in various formulations so you can exfoliate, moisturize, energize as needed.

  • Avocado - head to toe: with a healthy dose of avocado oil as well as soothing French green clay and an extra shot of natural vitamin E for a gentle, antioxidant rich, skintastic little bar of soap.
  • Citrus Mint - charcoal: naturally derived soap, naturally hydrating oils, and naturally refreshing scent. Plus a bonus shot of activated charcoal, which binds to dirt and sucks it right out of your pores.
  • Coconut Vanilla - exfoliating: contains beautiful little vanilla bean specks and smells delicious.
  • Honey Oats - exfoliating: honey for moisture, oats for exfoliation, and unscented for those who just want soap to do its thing…be soapy.
  • Lemongrass - refreshing: natural soap infused with extra coconut and sunflower oils for just the right balance of moisture and soapy goodness…and that super-fresh lemongrass scent!