Body Wash


Henri et Victoria

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8 fl. oz

Henri et Victoria Body Wash is mild and perfect for daily use. Luxurious lather, soothing on the skin, and meant to wash from head to toe. Loaded with aloe vera, oat protein, and Provitamin B5, as well as glycerin and skin conditioners. Great feeling on the skin and a delicious smell!

Scents include:

      • Cognac and Cuban Cigars:  Definitive masculine smell of cedarwood, fresh leather, zesty lemon, cognac and spicy tobacco.
      • Duc de Santal: A warm, comforting, gentle cologne scent; with a musky, dry woody complex and soothing Sandalwood.
      • Nautilus: A unique marine blend with beautiful notes of bamboo, fresh air and crisp water.
      • La Poire Française (French Pear): Sophisticated ripened pear, sweet and mellow.  With a hint of flower and a touch of mysterious sweet and smokey guaiacwood.  
      • Lime: Gorgeous lime, combined with fresh bergamot, A modern fresh amber with deep, warm, and musky tones. With a base note of rich, sophisticated and creamy sandalwood.
      • Coconut: Sweet coconut and note of pineapple creates a sweet base similar to pina colada, but with fruity smell of apple, pear and orange, and a hint of rosemary and thyme.