CHUP Socks

CHUP Socks

Katherine McRaeOct 1, '18



As we prepare for the arrival of the new Fall/Winter 2018 patterns, we are offering a great sale on all our in current in stock CHUP socks by Glen-Clyde. 

We love the CHUP sock here at UNDR for Men.  They are truly special, with incredible longevity.  Made in Japan, the master craftsmanship and the high quality yarn used by Glen-Clyde ensures the shape of their socks remain the same over time. We have found this to be 100% the case. While trying not to sound too much like an infomercial, the story of the CHUP sock really is fascinating.

Born in 2009, CHUP socks are inspired by the patterns of various indigenous tribes from around the globe. "CHUP" stands for "Classical Human's Universal Peace", referring to the sun, the moon and the stars in the sky, all of which the Ainu (native Japanese tribes) worship.

Each sock is woven to the highest quality through a stocking frame machine. The machines used are a traditional low gauge stocking frame machine, which on average, a single machine only produces 20-25 pairs a day. Each pair is hand-linked at the toes for a seamless finish. A master craftsman carefully inspect all finished products, to guarantee socks manufactured to an impeccable quality.

As these machines age, it becomes more and more difficult to replace/repair parts, which makes the creation of each sock even more precious.  Each season, peak production is reached then those patterns are never produced again. 

Of those we still have in stock, there are stories to go along with each. For example:

"it is said that the long nights of Northern Europe encouraged people to stay inside, which in turn prompted them to make their walls and possessions in their houses colourful, and spend the long hours with various scented candles.  The pattern VARME brings to mind the image of a candle lit dark room"

As well, we have SNJOR, whose pattern expresses the layers of snow accumulating and TABIAT, based on the kilim rugs of Turkey and who's name means "found in nature" in Turkish.

The CHUP White Label offers a stylish wool/acrylic mix, with names such as Fear Olann and Snow of Life.

The DEFENDER is a boot sock made from  European linen and the highest quality combed yarn, knit slowly on the same rare, premium low-gauge pile weave machines. These socks feature double support with ankle and arch areas elastic support to reduce slippage while your foot is in the boot.

So, hurry and grab a pair or two for this limited time reduced price.  They make a truly special, long lasting gift. They might even be the best damn socks on earth!

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